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The Science of Design

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Is there a science to art? Absolutely! Creativity and successful art is as much about having a planned approach as it is knowing when to alter those plans. Every professional artist I have studied under or know at one time or another will use and plan art using the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio can be found through the history of art and design. It is often referred to as the "fingerprint of God" being found in nature and discovered by humanity who incorporated it into science, art, architecture and design

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist ~ Pablo Picasso. If your a beginning artist it's good to study art history. If you're an experienced artist it's still a good thing to know your art history. By doing this you know what has succeeded and what has failed. I'm a lover of the classics. Some say I have an old soul as I have no love for "modern art" I find it uninspiring and to put it bluntly...lazy.

I'm currently working on an illustrated piece for a licensed and well known movie/story franchise. All I can tell you is it's a classic. I began my current illustration concept using the above ratio for it's over all design. I must admit I'm pretty pumped about this piece. Color Theory is my second scientific aspect of visual design I'll mention on this blog post. I love color. It is my personal life's blood to my creations and illustrations. I find myself intensely passionate about my use of color. Sometimes I use natural color and other times I manipulate color to serve my own twisted purposes. Again know your rules, and know when to break em. Color and your use of it has an amazing ability to set the mood for the piece. Having a past in advertising and graphics I know the importance of color into manipulating the mind. Next time you watch commercials or see advertisement logos or brochures be aware of the color palette used and how the piece makes you feel and react. It's a crazy cool way to manipulate the mind. My selected color palette for the above mentioned illustration will be an extremely abnormal palette in hopes to set and unusual and possibly frightening mood. Below are a few examples of successful color and lighting to set a scene that I discovered in my search for just the right color palette for my illustration.

So does art have a science about it? you bet! and these are just two of the scientific aspects of creativity. Love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Until next time Stay happy and healthy out there! #art #arthistory #science #scienceofdesign #godsfingerprint #goldenratio #designtheory #colortheory #jasonqueen #ljasonqueen #queenscovecreative

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