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New Top Secret Project

So I'm currently documenting my process on my next project. I can share a little bit here and there, I just can't share the layout or subject matter. This piece seems to be a culmination or my personal design ideology and color theory. The subject matter is very nostalgic, and a little bit frightening I might add. I can only say that the subject has a huge cult following. My last blog post concerned the Golden Ratio. In my concept stages for this piece I divided up the design area into the exact measurements of the Golden Ration and created directly from this mathematical equation. I put in the design elements I wanted in the piece using photoshop to test my designs and varying options. Once I captured the look and feel I wanted in photoshop I transferred the piece to paper. For this piece I will be working off of 16"x 20" 300 lb. cold press illustration paper. Once the design is successfully transferred to the working area in sketch form the fun then begins. Next Step :-) COLOR! GLORIOUS COLOR!

Color plays such a HUGE part in my art. After I sketched in the light and shadows I began the process of deciding what type of palette I wanted to use for this piece. The Subject matter is from the era of the 70s. I explored the vast amount of possibilities as the 70s had such beautiful use of color. Then I remembered a movie I had just seen which used color in such a professional way.

Joker 2019. This movie was a dark exploration into the human psyche but it also used a 70s 80s color palette in such a masterful way. It was an absolutely gorgeous film though dark in terms of story and psychology. I found that a brilliant contrast exciting and one I could use in my concept for this painting as subject matter and era are very similar. I want to use a very limited palette in this creation. I've based my color choices directly from the above samples from the movie.

I plan to document the phases of this creation from beginning to end. Something I hope to continue doing with my approach to art and painting. My next step once a color palette is chosen is to lay in my background. I do this using airbrush and splatter/stain techniques. Any good creation always has a small amount of chaos. This phase is very much my chaos. I will soon bring order to my chaos and in a way capture what I call the CREATOR's essence in my process. I could go deep into theology with you at this point but I personally believe God gave me a small amount of His almighty image. My creative impulse very much comes from the Source. Chaos and Order in a brilliant battle of color vs. dark and dark vs. light. We'll see where this one leads but I am very excited by the possibilities of this piece. Stay tuned for more updates and eventually when licensing permits I'll share all the imagery from beginning to end with you. Enjoy The Journey!

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