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Where to start? At this point in the game of 2020 you have to laugh in order not to cry. I had such high hopes for this year. Queens Cove Creative is still in it's first year and we were heading in a good direction. We had multiple conventions planned where we expected to show up share my art, make some friends and gather a lil scratch. Then comes along the Chinese plague known as COVID-19 and blows the hole direction for 2020 out of the water. Thanks communism greatly appreciate that. So what's an artist supposed to do? Life often reminds us that "control" is an absolute illusion.

Unexpected Arrows

One thing I can share from my experiences thus far in this journey is that life has a way of throwing you curves balls and as the MEME above expresses unexpected arrows in unexpected areas. The good news is that as a fellow human being you have an amazing ability to adapt. Throughout the history of this world humanity has adapted to extreme and often and ever changing circumstances. It's one of our greatest abilities. Though change is often unwanted the ability to adapt and overcome is in our basic programming. We like our comfortable schedules and daily ease. One could argue that an easy routine makes you soft and weak. 2020 has reminded us all we are NOT in control of most things. I have two things I can control; my attitude and my effort. I will use these 2 things to my greatest ability. I will adapt and I will overcome. So far this year does not come close to my darkest day. The day I lay in a broken twisted smoking wreck of a car. The day my veins were almost empty of my life blood. The day I met my Creator and begged Him to give me a bit more time. I lost a whole lot that day. However I gained a whole lot through that journey as well. I learned to adapt. I never gave up though I often wanted to and I overcame. I still suffer from that day. I suffer pain, mental distress and anxiety from those dark days. I still have to control my attitude and my effort every day when I wake up and breathe fresh Floridian air into my lungs. I have to mentally appreciate the pain I feel in my legs and back.

"Appreciate the Pain It let's you know you're still alive to feel"

So many of you out there are experiencing pain and uncertainty like you've never felt before in this journey we call life. It's rough, it's tough and it hurts like hell. I can't wrap my mind around the daily trials that a great many of you are facing. I pray that people a whole lot smarter than me are in charge of finding solutions to this madness. I know death, sickness, mental attacks and depression are real adversaries. I can only adapt. My personal adaptation to this year is distancing myself from the fake news, the horrible misinformation campaigns of social media and the endless confusion that permeates every aspect of this crazy time. I find comfort in my family, in my art and try to find hope that better days are just over the horizon. Though 2020 is going nothing like I had planned I appreciate the reminder that I am not in control of this world. So I will trudge forward earning every step and appreciating every painful popping bone. Some don't get the joy of experiencing that pain these days. Appreciate each breathe and every moment. Control your effort and your attitude. Lay those phones to the side and stare at some stars and clouds. Enjoy life in all it's crazy painful blissful moment.... and adapt. In the meantime I'll be here in my little studio in the counrtyside of Florida creating art and writing my stories. Prayers and Blessings everyone...hang in there! L. Jason Queen

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