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L. Jason Queen has been working as a professional artist since 1997. He is a traditionally trained and educated artist having a B.F.A. in Graphic Arts as well as an MA in Painting from his alma mater Marshall University.

Jason entered this realm of existence in the mid-70s to a quaint picturesque setting along the southeastern banks of the mighty Ohio River. A great amount of his knowledge and wisdom can be credited to his family and the adventures of those early years in the hill country of southeastern Ohio. After attending Marshall University of Huntington WV and obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in 1997, Queen embarked on a career as a production and graphic artist working his way through various advertising agencies and design groups. He later returned to study painting and illustration at Marshall University with mentoring from the late great Stanley Sporny. In 2004 Jason graduated with an MA in Painting and Illustration under the guidance and wisdom of Stan Sporny.

Christy entered this realm of existence in the mid-70s as well to the country setting of the deep valleys of West Virginia. She has been a wife, mother, homemaker, financial planner, and center of balance in this turbulent world since she married Jason in the fall of 95. She attended Liberty University where her studies explored life coaching and counseling. 

In the summer of 2004, Jason was the victim of an MVA that nearly ended his life and career. After a 24-day coma, 29 days in ICU, 39 days total in recovery, 6 months in a wheelchair, a year learning to walk again, and surviving 28 surgeries, he retaught his broken-form art from the basic principles gathered from Sporny and the many other inspirational artists he's been blessed to know. In a great many ways, Christy and Jason are still healing from the wounds inflicted that summer day. They have grown closer and stronger though the trauma.

Jason has since gone on to craft artwork and graphics for various companies, comics, publishers, charities, and card companies, including numerous sketch cards for Lucasfilm, licensed cards with the Topps Star Wars series, Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Topps Series, and Netflix's Stranger Things Topps Series. He has published and licensed artworks with Publisher Printed In Blood with Netflix Stranger Things, Universals GhostBusters, Fox's Firefly, Hannibal, Bernie Wrightson's tribute book, and the John Carpenters Halloween franchise. 


In 2022 Queen was selected as one of the official artists for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 22 with the piece "Legacy in the Making"  The print was a sell-out print for ACME archives and Lucasfilm.

Christy is a fellow creative and she recently began learning the craft of graphic design, junk journal creation, and other unique paper crafts. She is the main financial mind involved with the studio and a guiding force for Jason's artistic mind.

Look for Jason and Christy Queen at various conventions, and art festival 
appearances throughout 2024, Visit the events page for an updated listing of coming events.

feel free to contact us if interested in commissions or creative jobs 



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