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Updated: Nov 11, 2019

What do you post for your first blog post? How about an introduction to who and what is Queen's Cove Creative. First, Welcome! If you've come this far in exploring my page and my art I thank you for your interest. Queen's Cove has been years in the making. First I am an artist. Art has always been in my blood. It took root in my soul early on in my much younger years. Queens Cove is in a way a nod to a small bookstore that once inspired and gave me hope. The Alcove was in my early years a lone source of art and inspiration to a young small town artist in the form of comics. It was also the first place I remember displaying my artwork publicly. The Alcove employees were embracing to me and my artistic friends in that small town on the shores of the mighty Ohio river. In that old bookstore I found a love of storytelling, musty books and beautifully crafted images. Queen's Cove Creative in a way began in my imagination those many years ago. I thank those who took interest in from my small town, supported and fed the hungry young artist in me. This is proof a young country boy can dream and reach for the stars and with enough dedication and work achieve those goals.

Exploring the wild coasts of Florida's Washington Oaks state park

If you've read anything about my prior experience you know I was in the past a professional graphic designer and creative director. I've worked for small advertising agencies, sign companies, state ran agencies and WV's largest ad agency. Those experiences have indeed helped shape who I am today though they do not define me. My art is a complete mixture of a time between traditional media and the modern computer era. I grew up without the internet and didn't discover this idea until my college years. My college education took place on an 8" Luci Mac. It was in the dusty Halls of Old Main on Marshall's campus where I would find my true love.... painting and illustration. It was here in these halls I would explore styles and ideas with the wise sage known as Captain Stan. Stan "The Man" Sporny was my painting maestro during my B.A. in graphics and my M.A. in painting. He trained me to be the artist I am today and a great many of these blogs will no doubt share what wisdom I gained from that crazy artist. Today I still mix my traditional training in oils and acrylics with my training as a graphic artist. I belong in the in between and I embrace that aspect of who I am and what my art has become. So what is Queen's Cove Creative. It is my studio and a dream achieved. It is here I create art for such companies as Topps, Lucasfilm, Nickelodeon and Netflix. It is here I create jedi and ninja turtles. It is here I continue to push myself daily to be a better artist. It is here you may find dragons or pet portraits. It is here where I hope to make a difference or leave something immortal upon this earthly realm. There is so much to share and write about in my artists journey. It has been a tale of pain and joy. In these blog posts I hope to share not only my stories but inspire and pass on wisdom to younger artists who I encounter along my own journey. For now I just want to say Hello! Stay tuned as there are so many things on the horizon for Queen's Cove. Thanks for your interest and support of the art. It is appreciated more than you may ever know. _ L. Jason Queen

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